How I created that ballerina performance makeup with a bridal twist…

Ballet beauty is everywhere at the moment.  Just flick through Vogue’s twitter feed and you’ll see ballet is at the forefront of fashion & beauty, helped by the announcement of ballet choreographer Matthew Bourne that he aims to take on the famous ballet movie ‘The Red Shoes’ for his next modern day twist.

So I just really wanted to do a photoshoot to get behind this, and it was a massive excuse to watch ballerina Rebecca Nutt in action!  Designing the make was a little tricky as I wanted to do a very soft performance look with a slight bridal twist, as traditional ballet performance makeup can be very strong around the eyes and dependant on a strong eyeliner.  I wanted to soften this but still have impactful eyes, a soft pink lip and rosy cheeks – not least to reflect the youthfulness of the dancer and the delicate nature of the dance.

So to start I used an eye primer from Urban Decay and used their 3rd Naked palette which has lots of subtle pinks to use all over the eye up to the brow.  I then used MAC shadow in Carbon to draw a thin line across the natural fold of the eyelid, so even when the eyes were open you’d still get a sense of dimension.  Using the same shadow I then lined the eyes extending out above & below the line, popped on some mascara from Benefit and added false eyelash strips from Eylure in No.114.  I then added a white pencil on the lower inner water line and slightly to the side to open the eyes, and used individual lashes on the bottom of the lash line to add more to that drama.

I then worked on Rebecca’s base using various primers and just creating a really flawless, yet real finish with lots of baby pink blusher and highlighting.  Finally I lined the lips in Bobbi Brown Ballet Pink and finished with Bobbi Brown lipstick in Pale Mauve x


Photography by Lemontree Photography