How did Meghan’s bridal makeup differ to Kate’s?

Kate Middleton famously did her own makeup for her wedding in 2011.  Unlike, Meghan who chose to consult and use the skills of her close friend celebrity makeup artist Daniel Martin.  The results speak for themselves (not to be too mean to Kate!)  Meghan’s natural beauty spoke to everyone on Saturday, and just shows with the right experience and products makeup can be an exceptional tool.  It also helps that Meghan is an incredibly beautiful woman with utterly flawless skin!

I’ve always thought Kate doing her own makeup for her wedding day was a mistake.  The fact that she now does use makeup artists, and has finally been talked around to getting rid of that harsh black underline speaks volumes!  Kate’s bridal makeup has never sat with me that well.  Her eyes were too harsh with black eyeliner and way too much blusher was used for my likely.  She famously said she ‘knows her own face’ and believed a professional would not do a better job – but I feel what she probably meant was no professional in their right mind would have done such a heavy look!

The very fact that most of us are loving Meghan’s look, whilst Kate’s makeup divided a lot of people is also very telling!

How Kate created her makeup…

1.  Kate does not have as flawless a base as Meghan, with Kate suffering with a couple of marks and scars on her forehead left over from spots – so she would have used quite a full coverage foundation with a hint of warmth to create a bit of a tan.  A concealer under the eyes would have also have been used.

2.  Kate goes a little heavy with the pink blusher as she did on her wedding day.  Using a great deal on the apples of her cheeks – bringing this up to the hairline.  A little bit of matte powder bronzer was used just underneath this in the hollows of her cheekbones.

3.  The eyebrows were very heavily drawn in – much like Meghan’s.  But unlike the newly made Royal, Kate’s were not colour matched and therefore came off a little too dark and finished too early at the ends.  Giving the facial structure a square effect.  Kate’s eyes were filled on the lid with a grey taupe eyeshadow and a little brown in the eye grease.  She then lined the top with a black eyeliner and continued this underneath the eye.  She did not wing the eye.  She then added mascara, but no false eyelashes unlike Meghan.

I think it’s the fact that the underline of the eye is set back from the roots and not butt up against the lower lashes that really ages her and this look.  You can tell I’m not a fan!

4.  I do very much love her lipstick though and think this was the right choice for her.  A cute pink lip is a winner for any bride x