Hairstylists I recommend, and why I don’t style hair myself…

When I was training to be a Makeup Artist I was taught how to style hair and apply theatrical bald caps and wigs.  I did enjoy it but often felt that I lacked the natural talent of hairstylists and much preferred having a makeup brush in my hand rather than curling tongs!  I often watch hairstylists at work and admire their focus and knowledge of being able to twist a single strand into an intricate design like a rose (I mean, where do you even begin!)  So while I can style hair I choose to leave it to the experts, and just concentrate on being as good a Makeup Artist as I possibly can.

Having a separate Makeup Artist and Hairstylist is actually very common in TV and Film, with producers just wanting the best of each discipline for their production.  This combination may seem excessive for your wedding day, but believe me, it’s a god send with keeping to a time schedule!  Your also safe in the knowledge that both suppliers are at the top of their game, and you don’t get someone who is ok at makeup but fantastic at hair.  You also find that the bridal party is being nicely rotated between hair and makeup, so they are not sat for too long getting bored – and it makes the morning flow really well, keeping a nice atmosphere rather than a rush to the finish!

Bridal Hairstylists I recommend

Jodi at JMS Hair Design

I love working with Jodi.  She is so lovely and really keeps the atmosphere calm and happy.  She is simply a great hairstylist, and excellent at achieving a very ‘natural’ looking hairstyle that really does last for the whole day.

IMG_5594 IMG_5598

Anne at Simply You Bridal Hair

I actually met Anne when we did two consecutive weddings in a week, and just keep bumping into each other ever since!  Anne is incredible at keeping to a time schedule, and often keeps me in check!  Love it!  She is VERY good at hairstyling, and has been in the industry for 25 years.

Kayleigh at Pin Curls Styling

Kayleigh is relatively new to the industry, but she specialises in vintage hairstylists – mainly from 1920’s/50’s era.  She’s one of those rare gems that once you’ve had her style your hair you’ll want her to do it every morning for work!

Susan at Susan Humble Wedding Hair Specialist 

I love Susan.  She’s like a mother hen, she is really lovely and only wants the very best for her brides.  She is an excellent hairstylist.  Susan is amazing at keeping everyone going in the morning, and keeping emotions happy.