Groom makeup…yes it’s a thing!

Laugh if you will, but Groom makeup is on the up and up and it’s not really surprising.  Groom’s are suddenly realising that they are photographed just as much as their bride, and maybe that pimple that’s reared its ugly head could do with covering!  Once or twice a year, I get a frantic bride telling me that their respective Groom has had a break out, or on one occasion a facial bruise from tripping over.  So after doing the bridal parties makeup, I’ll then rush over to the Groom to help cover whatever needs disguising.

But on some occasions a Groom has outright asked me, through their bride, if I could pop over to their quarters after doing the bridal makeup (in a non weird way!)  Just to even out their complexion, perhaps hide their tired eyes, or just make their eyebrows a bit more filled in…yes even men have got onto the brow trend!

I think Groom makeup is just another natural progression of the wedding preparation stage.  And I for one embrace this confidence in men, to realise they are just as important on the wedding day as the bride x

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