Getting the most out of your bridal/wedding makeup trial

Having a bridal/wedding makeup trial can actually seem quite daunting and you might even feel a little nervous – and it’s completely understandable.  You spend most, if not all, of your spare time planning the perfect wedding day and the last thing you want to feel is not confident about your hair or makeup.  So it’s important to research your suppliers, but also to take the time at the makeup trial to really get down to the perfect look for you (not the Makeup Artist!)  So I’ve put together a few top tips to help you do just that…

Top Tips for getting the most out of your bridal/wedding makeup trial

1.  Before the Makeup Artist arrives cleanse, exfoliate and brush your teeth.  Also see if you can semi style your hair to how you roughly want it on the day – either up or down.

2.  Wear a cream/white top to roughly the same style as your wedding dress.  For example, heart or v-shape neckline.

3.  Have lots of images of looks you want to achieve, or if your uncertain of what you want talk through what you normally wear on a day-to-day basis with the Makeup Artist

4.  If you don’t like a particular look the Makeup Artist has done then definitely say something!  Don’t ever feel you can’t voice your opinion!!

5.  Try something different, such as false eyelashes or lipstick colour – often brides are completely won over by a look they would never have thought of, or were too scared to try so make the most of the opportunity x