Gardener skin care…

We purely bought our house in Lymington for the garden.  While overgrown, neglected and filled with asbestos sheds the large plot was just filled with potential and was a perfect running ground for our daughter.  So you can guess that when not working, I’m outside pottering in the garden making new flowers beds, clearing debris and just enjoying the space which means I’m outside a lot these days in all weathers.  Great for exercise, not so great for the skin.  I know a lot of gardeners who will not consider skin care before venturing outside, but will then later complain of a skin concern such as sunburn/windburn or sores – not connecting the English weather with the state of their skin.  It’s not just important to pop on a little moisturizer before going outside but also when you get back in, as the change in temperature can lead to dryness and irritation such as chapped lips.

Skin care tips for Gardeners

Use a good moisturizer at least an hour before going outside.  If you can find something with an SPF even better.

If your moisturizer doesn’t contain SPF use a sun factor instead, which will protect you from the sun’s rays even when it’s cloudy.

Protect your face, ears and neck if the weather is cold.  I like to use a high necked scarf that wraps around my mouth, neck and ears to make sure nothing is too exposed to the bitter cold.

When you return inside make sure to cover anything that feels a bit dry or chapped.

Make sure to drink something warming such as lemon & warm water, or a nice cup of tea! x