From the heart…taking your time when planning the wedding…

Looking back on my wedding unfortunately, there are a few things I regret (don’t worry the husband already knows!)  One of the major regrets I have is not taking my time and really thinking things through, as looking back, I felt an imagery pressure for everything to be perfect and for it to have all be organised and booked like yesterday!  For any client planning their big day I always say just take your time, think things through and try to enjoy the process – something I did not and still kick myself about it even today six years on.

One thing I wished I had done is to have sourced my suppliers a bit more carefully.  Feeling the pressure of getting the invites out, I just ordered them from an online generic shop and as such the quality was terrible and once we ordered them they discontinued the range so we couldn’t match the stationary all the way through – I really wished I had got someone local to design them professionally.  A really silly thing, but it still annoys me today.

Another regret is that I didn’t get one of my colleagues to apply my bridal makeup. Thinking I would be ‘Super Bride’ I did everyones’ makeup, then my own.  Big mistake…while I loved my bridal makeup I had about 5 minutes to do it in!  Panic + nervousness = stressed out bride!  And again it was so silly as I had so many friends in the industry willing to help me.

For any fledging bride…learn from my mistakes and take your time x