Frances Moore Makeup Artist & Trainee Hairstylist!

I am now in my fifth year of being a bridal makeup artist.  I trained much earlier and qualified in 2011, but it wasn’t until I did my own wedding makeup and then a friends in 2011 & 12 that I decided wedding makeup was definitely the route to take for me.

And now, with a wealth of experience behind me and a lot to be proud of in terms of brilliant weddings I have worked on, numerous publications and working with big names in the industry – I have now decided to train in bridal hair.  It’s taken me a while to arrive at this step, believe me!  When I originally trained as a makeup artist we did touch upon hair, but it never really gripped me the way makeup did.  Now I wish I had paid more attention as now (with a few more wise years added to my age!) I see that hair can be as creative as makeup, and definitely as effective.

So I am very excited to be adding this next step to my skill set.  Keep watching to view my progress! x