Foundation troubleshooter

Foundation has the ability to even skin tone, texture and provide that silky film of seemingly perfect skin – yet it can be tricky to master with so many shades to choose from and different types of formula, it can be difficult to even know where to begin!  So let’s start with getting the right shade for you, and the best way to do this is to bypass the ‘put a little on your hand and step outside’ malarkey and just go straight for the No.7 counter in boots and get your skin professionally scanned for an exact match.  They will also do a quick analysis of your skin type and recommend what formula would be best for you; liquid, powder or stick.

Foundation Troubleshooter – why does my foundation look cakey and other questions…

*If your foundation looks cakey when you go into daylight it is most likely caused by the health of your skin.  If you have dry, flakey or recently sunburnt skin the foundation will not sit correctly.  The best thing to do is have a couple of days off from makeup and just moisturize to put the skin right.

*If you find your foundation builds up in one particular area too much such as around the nose or hairline, just use a dap of your moisturiser to even out and spread the formula.

*Foundation does not apply well or even at all onto sunburnt skin.  The heat from the skin melts the foundation to either evaporate off or turn cakey straight away.  It’s best just to cut your loses and drink plenty of water and use AfterSun to partly amend the damage before using makeup again.

*If your finding foundation isn’t really working for you try using a facial primer instead that works to even out skin tone and close pores for the appearance of smoother skin – something like Benefit’s Porefressional works amazingly well and quite often this is all I’ll wear if I have no time to do a full coverage.