Expect excellence from your wedding suppliers…

Something which I am really proud about is that I have never been late for any appointment with my clients.  Be it for a bridal makeup trial or the actual wedding, I personally feel that if I am late or haven’t planned my journey well, or can’t even find the house for the trial then what faith does that in-still into the bride for the day of the wedding.  There are just certain things that you expect from your suppliers – after all that is what your paying a premium for isn’t it?  And every bride should expect the highest excellence from their wedding suppliers – from the venue to the florist.  And if you don’t, ask yourself ‘what do I need to do to get that from them’.

I often think that couples are too afraid to ask/demand exactly what they want from their suppliers, thinking that they are limited on who they can get in the local area.  Remember that you are the customer and any supplier worth their weight will do everything they can to make sure your day is unique in all the best ways!  It could be just a quick text, chat or email but whatever you want to say and ask for do it now before it all kicks off.

Sometimes it’s ok to have a little bridezilla moment!! x

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