Dealing with occasional blemishes…

We all tend to suffer from blemishes, red marks or spots from time to time.  Whether it’s because of climate change, stress levels or a hormonal imbalance, none of us are completely blemish free – but whats important to note is that it’s perfectly normal and just a fact of life.  I personally take a very relaxed approach to my skin these days, as in the past I have become over anxious at the condition it was in.  What you’ve got to remember is what you see very close up in a bathroom mirror is not necessarily what other people see, and we shouldn’t allow ourselves to stress over the little things.  I’ve popped down my own skin routine, which I follow quite loosely, as I find the less I ‘mess’ with my skin the better it feels and looks.

My personal skin routine

– I tend to give my skin a really good cleanse every 2/3 days where I like to use Clinique cleanser in no.3
– I then like to use a nose strip by Biore every 2 weeks and exfoliate every 2 weeks too
– If I see any spots appearing I dap a bit of Elizabeth Arden 8hr cream, which instantly heals and calms down the redness
– Every morning & night I use a small amount of Bobbi Brown’s Intensive Skin Supplement
– I usually moisturise everyday with MAC Comfort Cream