Creating wearable designs for my clients…and models…

I simply love working with my clients and professional models.  I enjoy the whole process of discussing the little details to the big things, to design something that is completely on pointe (apologies for the shameful use of ballet terms!) and thoroughly wearable.  Often when I am approached about doing editorial or commercial work I feel for the model who has to walk out of the studio with a definite ‘statement’ look, so it’s always nice when your model text or emails you saying they really loved a design you did – like my regular model Chloe did after our Rosie Huntington-Whiteley filming the other day.

I also think when designing something for a bride – to make it so that she could possibly adapt it to suit her needs day-to-day, and almost give her that opportunity to reflect and say ‘my wedding makeup was the best version of myself’ and feel that they could achieve a scaled down version of that design.  Something which is a massive compliment to my work, and often gets me when a client emails me years later saying they still love their wedding makeup design x