Creating makeup you’ll love…

I kinda feel like the fairy godmother when it comes to bridal makeup.  I often get clients excitingly telling me their wedding plans, showing me their various mood boards, followed by their thoughts on what makeup design they want.  It’s then my job to take all of those suggestions and design something that is what the client wants, yet is suitable for their features.  Sometimes I am asked to replicate exactly a look from Pinterest, which is absolutely cool, but I always explain that the looks on sites like Instagram and Pinterest are quite often editorial or have been edited to look so.  I love the fact that I have the role of taking the bones of the design of the dress, the hair and even the flowers to create that final bridal makeup that all the guests will see and that will be documented in the wedding photographs.  It’s also so vitally important to me that the bride LOVES the makeup design, so I work tirelessly on editing and creating that perfect look even after the makeup trial.  I’m always thinking to myself how could that have been better?  I think it’s that need to find answers that drives me x

Photography by New Forest Studio