Creating a vintage or 1950’s bridal/wedding look

When you think of the 1950’s you instantly think vintage cars, pencil skirt wiggles and of course movie scarlets such as Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn.  These women were strong female individuals that drove fashions and beauty trends around the world – famous for their acting as much as their looks, their makeup defined an era.  Making it the age of glamour.  So it’s no wonder many brides are seeking this look to tie in with a vintage theme or just because, like me, they love this particular era and everything it stands for.

The thing to remember with this look is to keep the eyes relatively simple, with just a touch of colour in the crease of the eyes and to line it with a strong black or brown eyeliner.  I also like to add false eyelashes just to up the look by a notch.  Then go to town on the lips by getting the most deepest matt red you can find – I personally love MAC’s Ruby Woo as it’s a perfect 1950’s shade.