Covid-19 postponement and cancellation policy update!

Due to the current situation involving Covid-19 I thought I would just clarify my terms and conditions when it comes to wedding postponements and cancellations. So far I have managed to still be involved in 99% of wedding postponements, which has meant everything to me to not let my clients down during this awful time.

When updating my terms and conditions at the beginning of the pandemic, I wanted to be open and fair with my clients and to myself. And to make sure there is a business to come back to when the lockdown is eventually lifted.

I hope you will also find these updated terms fair to all parties, but please do get in touch if you wish to discuss further as I am always here to talk to x


It is the responsibility of the Client to inform the Company of an Event postponement due to the current Covid-19 outbreak, which may also affect the Trial booking.

If the Client has postponed to a new Event date and the Company can accomodate this change, then all booking information including any outstanding balances will be transferred onto the new Event date, without incurring any additional fees other than what has been agreed as the Final Fee. The Trial booking date may also be amended as agreed with the Client.

If the Client has postponed to a new Event date and the Company cannot accomodate this change, then the Company will endeavour to source an appropriate replacement which will be agreed with the Client. The non-refundable deposit and any Final Fee payments will be transferred to the replacement stylist at no further cost to the Client.

If the Client does not accept the offer of an alternative replacement or simply wishes to cancel all arrangements due to the Covid-19 outbreak then the Company will keep the non-refundable deposit in all circumstances other than those that have been stated above.