Committing to a red lip for your bridal makeup…

Having a strong red lip is the perfect compliment to a vintage wedding theme teaming well with lace gowns, loose waves and a simple cat flick eye.  And the chooses available of different hues of red lipstick make it even easier to decide on that perfect red lip look (I personally love MAC’s Ruby Woo!)  But you have to be committed to wearing a red lip look as it is one of those makeup designs that has to be flaunted with confidence as it’s not easy to shy away from, nor is it for people who want to sink into the background.  Plus it also takes a little practise to control the liner and create a deep and lasting stain.

I love a red lip as I think it grips you with it’s elegance and just reminds me of 1950’s Britain when it was the shade of choose for women.  My Grandmother would often tell me of how she loved her Max Factor ‘Vintage Rouge’ so much that when it was running out, she would use a cotton wool bud to fork out the remaining amount!  Now that is commitment!!