Ciate x Olivia Palermo…perfectly teamed

Way back in freezing January it was announced that Ciate and American socialite Olivia Palermo would team up and produce seasonal collections of nail polishes and a makeup line.  With Olivia becoming a Guest Creative Director for the year – a dream job if ever there was one!  I for one, have been very excited about this collaboration as I find Olivia to be ahead of her time in terms of fashion and design – I especially loved her alternative take on her wedding dress for her wedding to Johannes Huebl.  Ditching the standard white dress and turning to a more stylish (and comfortable) two piece, with her top being a delicately stitched jumper teamed with a front split floaty skirt and vibrant blue shoes.

The first nail shade collection was released in May 2015 and has received mixed reviews with many claiming that Olivia has played it safe in terms of colour.  I personally love what she has designed as she has not only gone for hues that she would wear, but has thought about the client and made sure they’re wearable for everyone.  In the current (first) range are Hutch – a perfect vibrant, tasteful red.  Nantucket – a summer coral shade and very now.  And lastly Sundays – a pretty, natural pink reminiscent of Kate Middleton’s wedding nail polish.  The packaging is what you would expect from Olivia, beautiful and very classy.

I think Olivia should be very proud of her first collection, as like the designer they are practically perfect in every way x