Burt’s Bees Makeup Products…

Famous for it’s hand slave and lip balm containing natural ingredients such as beeswax – Burt’s Bees have now taken the leap into makeup products.  But what are they like, and do they hold up to the more well established brand names?

It goes without saying that a company whose ethos is described as an “Earth friendly, Natural Personal Care Company” have created products which reflect this natural style.  There are no brave striking colours like you might find well placed on the counters at MAC – instead you’ll find very neutrally toned, easily blend-able colours in their eyeshadow trios.  To accompany Burt’s successful beeswax lip-balm, they have also introduced a similar moisturising formula with a hint of colour and shimmer.  Their lip shimmers come in an array of beautiful shades, again keeping along the natural line.  I particularly love the shades Apricot & Strawberry.

But what of their foundations and concealers?  Well, to my delight and surprise Burt’s have created a formula that seems to be very silky and light weight – which can easily be built upon to create any sort of coverage.  I am also impressed to see that they have created a broad range of colours, and haven’t succumbed to the major pitfall most makeup companies do by not providing their customers with choice.  However, I would say that having only 3 shades for concealers – all in lighter shades does not provide the same level of choice and standard.

Overall, I would say that Burt’s new makeup range is perfect for everyday.  They are simple to apply & natural in style x