Bridal makeup and current trends – getting the balance right

Wedding makeup has to do a lot of things.  It needs to compliment your best features, tie in beautifully with your individual style and also last the distance!  Brides also want something that won’t date, yet is on trend – creating a timeless feel to their wedding photographs.  But with current trends being as strong as they are (think big pencilled brows!)  getting the balance just right can make all the difference.  The best place to start when deciding on a bridal look is to study what you normally wear on a daily basis – if this means just a little eyeliner and mascara then start with perhaps drawing a more defined, thicker line and adding a couple of coats of mascara.  Remember, that nervous looking groom needs to recognise his blushing bride when she enters!

A really on trend look at the moment is the ‘naturally fresh/boho look’ – which is actually achieved using quite a few layers!  But is primarily dominated by a soft brown/golden shimmer smoky eye and a peachy/pink toned lip.  Something like this will not date and you will always look like ‘you’.  When looking to the catwalk for new ideas, try to stay true to yourself and take elements of new trends you like into consideration.  For example, a really predominate look on the wedding catwalk last year was a peachy, also blended entirely lip – so adapting this in real terms means just going for a lighter lipstick such as MAC’s Peachstock or Peach Blossom x

IMG_4347 IMG_4348