Bobbi brown – Sterling Nights eye shadow palette, limited edition

When I was recently researching new products to add to my professional kit (a very definite perk to my job) I came across this gorgeous eyeshadow palette from Bobbi Brown, now unfortunately discontinued due to it be limited edition – I was immediately drawn to the dusky pink and wonderful array of browns, mauves and taupe colours which were just perfect for a cover shoot I had coming up and the design I had planned.  Normally always using MAC eyeshadow for their longevity and performance qualities, I thought I’d give Bobbi a second go and see if it would withstand the pressure of a shoot.  It did very well under the heat and long photoshoot hours and still looked so pretty.

The reason I love this palette is there are just endless combinations you can try, and the palette itself is nice and compact with quite a durable outer package – which believe is quite rare in the industry!  Overall I highly rate this product – I just which is was available all the time x