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Anybody else loving the warmer weather? I know I definitely am! It’s a new week with new beginnings and I can’t wait to meet more gorgeous brides. I do have some 2020 Saturday dates available, so if your wedding is still going ahead, albeit on a smaller scale, do get in touch to book x

Saturday 19th September | Saturday 10th October | Saturday 17th October | Saturday 24th October | Saturday 14th November | Saturday 28th November | Saturday 12th December | Saturday 19th December

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2020 last minute Saturday dates available due to Covid-19

Due to wedding postponements I now have the following Saturdays available to book for 2020 – get in touch either via email at or through my Contact Form to book any of these dates!

Saturday 15th August | Saturday 12th September | Saturday 19th September | Saturday 10th October | Saturday 17th October

Saturday 2021 peak wedding dates available!

Email, or use the contact form on my website to book!

Saturday 22nd May | Saturday 26th June | Saturday 24th July | Saturday 4th September | Saturday 25th September

Losing weight but gaining acne? Why it’s perfectly normal to have a breakout during a lifestyle change…

You’ve started to eat healthier, smaller meals, and taken up regular exercise. The scales are going in the right direction but now suddenly you have acne (usually around the chin) but why? Well, you’d be interested to know that it’s actually a really common side effect of weight loss. But don’t worry it won’t last forever! Here’s what’s causing it…

Change in food – Introducing a diet full of fruits, vegetables and whole grains are crucial to a healthier you but it takes time for the body to get used to this injection of fresh vitamins & minerals. As the body starts to process this much needed lifestyle change, the effect can be a small breakout as the toxins are forced out of the body and anything that isn’t facing the toilet makes its way to other areas. Unfortunately, this is usually the face! Thank you mother nature! Try to avoid dairy, meat, pasta and bread for a while to allow the skin to balance. Also avoid ‘fad diet food’ such as only liquid diets, all-protein or cabbage soup diets as these create a nutritional gap that affects the skin negatively. Drinking plenty of water is also a great way to flush the body through, but again you’ll see an initial outbreak which will go over time.

Hormonal levels – As the body loses weight, the sheer dramatic change and shift of fluids can create a bit of a hormonal flux that is perfectly normal. Again, it is just the body’s way of sorting itself out and getting into a rhythm. The fact that the acne is dotted around the chin area, is its way of showing you exactly that. Don’t panic though! All of this is only temporary.

Exercise – Plenty of people have gone back and forth with studies and evidence on sweating clogging up your pores. The main principle behind this is that as you sweat, the sweat brings dirt and oils from the surface of your skin into your pores for them to get clogged. Here are a few simple things you can do to make sure your skin has a good chance of remaining clear; 1. Wash your face as soon as possible after you exercise with water and a clean towel. For a more thorough clean use a gentle exfoliante. 2. Make sure your gym towel is always clean for each session and don’t share with another gym user.

Toxins – There is another argument that experts have mentioned that I find quite interesting. As the body lets go of the fat in the cells and expels this either through breathing or bodily waste, a certain level of toxins held in the fat is also realised causing an usually high level that can find its way out through the skin. Many men for example tend to find an increase of acne on the shoulders and back, whilst women it will be the chin and cheeks. This is one theory that personal I find most plausible.

Best dry body brushes and scrubs


SOL DE JANEIRO Bum Bum Body Scrub

SOL DE JANEIRO Brazilian Bod Buff Smoothing Scrub ‘N Mask

REN CLEAN SKINCARE Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish

FRESH The Original Brown Sugar Body Polish

OSKIA Renaissance Body Scrub

OUAI HAIRCARE Scalp & Body Scrub

HERBIVORE Coco Rose Body Polish

GOOP G.Tox 5 Salt Detox Body Scrub


DR. BARBARA STURM Body Brush Medium

Hydrea London Beech Wood Body Brush With Cactus Fibre Bristles

Hydrea London Classic Short Handled Body Brush with Natural Bristle (Medium Strength)

Dry Body Brushing – what is it and how to do it…

Quite simply dry body brushing is the process of brushing dry skin (so before you shower) with a natural bristled brush. This exfoliates the skin, reducing the presence of unnecessary dead skin cells on your body; however, dry brushing too often or too hard can cause skin irritation and infection. Be sure you know the facts about dry brushing, as well as the best methods before beginning the process.

As we grow older, our skin becomes less efficient at shedding layers of dead skin cells. Dry body brushing is a fantastic way of exfoliating these away. Alongside smoother skin, regular body brushing encourages cell turnover so that your limbs will look and feel supple, and whether you wax or shave, a quick brush is fantastic at keeping pesky, ingrown hairs and clogged pores at bay.

While dry body brushing won’t completely rid your legs of cellulite, it helps to mobilise and contribute to the even distribution of fat deposits under the skin – and if you stick at it, it’s proven to give your limbs a much smoother, and firmer, look and feel.

Dry body brushing can also stimulate the lymphatic system, and by doing this, we are directly assisting in removing pathogens. This strengthens our immune system and lessens our susceptibility to illness. Dry body brushing encourages important blood flow, and this has a plumping effect on the skin which really helps reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Important Things To Note…

▸▸ Many beauty and wellness sites advise dry brushing twice a day, but this can be harmful. When skin is brushed too often or too harshly, bristles cause micro cuts. These can easily become infected. Also, dry brushing more than once a week breaks down protective barriers in the skin. This leads to dryness and irritation.

▸▸ Dry brushing does affect skin conditions. People with eczema or chronic dry skin should avoid dry brushing. However, if you have a condition called keratosis pilaris in which the skin is inflamed with rough, red bumps, dry brushing could potentially remove the dead skin cells that cause such bumps.

▸▸ Dry brushing begins with the bottom of your body and moves upward. By starting on the bottom of your body and moving upward, it is thought that you increase drainage to the lymph nodes and increase circulation to the heart. This may help remove unwanted toxins from the body and improve blood flow.

▸▸ Move to your arms and then to your torso. Continue to work with your brush. After you’ve worked your way up your legs, move on to your arms. Remember the process: You’re moving towards your heart with each stroke. Start with your hands and move towards the shoulders. Once again, use long and smooth brush strokes. Give rough areas, like the elbows, extra attention. Make sure dead skin falls away.

▸▸ Move on to the back. This can be difficult, as some areas of the back are hard to access. Make sure your brush handle reaches far enough to touch your mid-back and other hard-to-reach areas. Move from the buttocks up to the shoulder blades. Finally, move on to the torso and sides. Brush up your rib cage, moving towards the heart. On your sides, move from your hip to your armpit.

▸▸ Dry brush your face, using somewhat smaller and gentler strokes. Move from the forehead to neck. Nipples or breasts should also be dry brushed with a softer brush to avoid irritating more sensitive skin.

▸▸ Shower after dry brushing. Even if you do not dry brush in the mornings, it might be a good idea to shower after dry brushing. Any lingering dead skin can be washed off in a shower.

Brand insight… Sol de Janeiro

Company talk…

‘Sol de Janeiro celebrates everybody. No rules. Only celebration. This is Body Joy – and this is Brazilian Beauty where there is no one standard for beauty. Sol de Janeiro celebrates what’s unique and joyful about you with body-loving products that make you smile and touch all the senses. Inspired by Brazilian Beauty Secrets and made with thoughtfully selected ingredients, the Sol de Janeiro experience comes from a place of positivity and pleasure. Join the party. Everyone’s invited.

Love it. Flaunt it. You’ve Got it.’

What the owner has to say…

“When I moved to Brazil, I was wonderfully inspired by the contagious, joyful attitude that was everywhere. There’s no judgement and no one way of looking and feeling beautiful.” Heela Yang, CEO & Co-founder

What the brands actually about…

Sol De Janeiro are a body care brand with a playful personality. Born in Brazil, their divine holiday-scented body products take you on a tropical getaway, whilst also providing incredible skincare benefits. This body-positive brand is best known for the Sol De Janerio Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, a firming body butter infused with Cupuaçu Butter, Açaí Oil, and Coconut Oil.

Best sellers from the range

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream 240ml

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Kiss Cupuaçu Lip Butter

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Nude Cream 385ml

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush 90ml

Sol de Janeiro Coco Cabana Shower Gel 385ml


Body sprays were once seen as an introduction into the fragrance world before we were old enough to buy something more mature, but now, they’re considered the lighter and airier cousin of traditional perfumes. Body mists are a refreshing step into subtle, all-over scent. They give us just a hint of fragrance and delicate allure without the heaviness and potency that comes with some perfumes. Summer is a great time to experiment with these bright and fresh scents in calming and captivating formulas, especially when the price is a fraction of that of our go-to favorite scents. Body sprays tend to be light on the chemicals, as well, and infused with natural extracts, making them the ideal choice for those of us with allergy sensitivities. Looking for an invigorating application technique? Store your new favorite body spray in the fridge for a cooling burst of fragrance!

Sol de Janeiro Coco Cabana Fragrance Mist 90ml

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush 90ml

Pacifica® Indian Coconut Nectar Perfume Spray 28ml

CHANEL COCO MADEMOISELLE Fresh Moisture Mist 100ml

Hawaiian Tropic Golden Paradise Body Mist 250ml

Hawaiian Tropic Golden Paradise Shimmer Edition 250ml

Vera Wang Embrace Rose Buds and Vanilla Fine Fragrance Mist 240ml

Vera Wang Embrace Green Tea and Pear Blossom Fine Fragrance Mist 240ml

Oh hey gorgeous!

I’m Frances, a professionally trained bridal & editorial hair and makeup artist working across the South of England and covering many chateaus in France.  Having been in the industry for almost 8 years my previous clientele have included brides, models, actors, presenters, singers and members of the aristocracy primarily throughout Hampshire (New Forest), Dorset, Surrey, West Sussex, Wiltshire, London and France.  A regular contributor to national and international wedding magazines and blogs; including high-end fashion editorials for Sunseeker lifestyle magazine and royal milliner Vivien Sheriff – my work has been seen across the world and celebrated for its versatility and emphasis on natural beauty.  I have been lucky enough to work and train at the highest level of expertise and have been a student of The Kristina Gasperas Academy, Jo Irving of Jo Loves Hair fame and The Bridal Stylists whom I currently contract for.

In my professional hair and makeup kits are products which I have carefully selected for their high performance qualities. This ensures your wedding styling has everything it needs to look effortless, whilst having the stability it needs for such an event.  These products include: Anastasia Beverly Hills ▸▸ BaByliss PRO ▸▸ Benefit ▸▸ Becca ▸▸ Bobbi Brown ▸▸ Bumble & Bumble ▸▸ Charlotte Tilbury ▸▸ Dior ▸▸ Hourglass ▸▸ Huda Beauty ▸▸ Laura Mercier ▸▸ LA Girl ▸▸ L’Oréal Professionnel ▸▸ MAC ▸▸ Makeup Geek ▸▸ NARS ▸▸ Sigma ▸▸ Tarte ▸▸ and Urban Decay to name a few.

I’d love to hear about your wedding plans so do get in touch at, or by sending me a message through my contact page.  If you have some extra time, then do check out my blog which is regularly updated with helpful tips and advice for your big day! Or if you fancy a bit of retail therapy browse my bridal hair accessories shop with pieces from local artisans x

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