BASH…A new generation of wedding fair…5th March 2017 Guildhall Winchester

Next year I am set to attend one of the most biggest wedding fairs of my career.  BASH (in association with My Wedding Fair Hampshire).  Sunday 5th March 2017 at the Guildhall Winchester.  This wedding fair is like no other fair – gone are the stuffy perfectly laid out tables, where suppliers can hide!  BASH is a new generation of wedding fair, where couples are given permission to interact with suppliers.  Really chat about what they can provide for their special day all in a party atmosphere with live music, drinks and snacks a plenty!  I am so excited to be involved…

The wedding show *correction* BASH. for couples and the curious who want more than the traditional wedding fair.

Forget endless rows of uninspiring white table cloths and join the party atmosphere as we bring you music, beauty tutorials, tasty treats, and ridiculously rad supplier collaborations. Showcasing the hottest styling trends for 2017 and beyond.

The time has come to stop being told how rad wedding folk are and come and experience their talents for yourself…

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