Ballerina photoshoot…and loving your local community

A couple of months ago I decided I wanted to do a really easy, low key photoshoot after the intense organisation of the art deco shoot we had a couple of weeks ago.  After hearing on the grape vine that Choreographer Matthew Bourne was planning on resurrecting the ballet film “The Red Shoes” I knew it had to be ballet based.  I also wanted to celebrate my local community in some way and wanted to combine the two.  Luckily we found the perfect location in the form of a hidden room in our local Community Centre in Lymington called the Wellington Room.  With floor to ceiling windows, ballet bars the whole length of the room and a grand piano – we really felt like we’d won the lottery!  Now we just needed a local ballet dancer!!  Again we felt like we had won again with the arrival of Rebecca Nutt in our team.  Super stunning with delicate features and with perfect ballet poise we knew she would be everything – and she was.

Az, of course, was doing the photography (with me being his make shift assistant!)  We work very hard together and seem to share the same vision on many things – but differ when it is needed to make the shot go from ok to WOW.  Az always lends his good humour and light heartedness to a shoot, so the model feels more comfortable and the images show this.

I am really so proud of the first few images that have come out and I hope to do a lot more soon x


Photography by Lemontree Photography

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