Ballerina beauty…tapping into that fountain of youth

Whilst compiling my research for a recent ballet photoshoot with Az Rehman of Lemontree Photography, what soon became apparent was that ballerina’s are as much disciplined in their beauty regimes as they are in their performance and diet.  Could they be any more perfect?!

Through reading various articles and talking to a couple of ballet dancers, the general theme was a deep need & understanding of the importance of moisturizing before, and especially after a performance.  Ballet dancers are also not afraid to invest in a good couple of good premium branded moisturisers, such as Creme de la Mer and Kerastase.  They also give their skin a regular ‘rest’ from makeup applying just the basics day-to-day, or wear no makeup off stage.  Interestingly though, I also found out that ballet dancers keep their feet well balanced and conditioned with just regular messages, good creams and oils – but nothing really more different from what we do to relax our feet.


Photography by Lemontree Photography