An insight into Lisa Armstrong, British Makeup Artist

Ever watched Strictly Come Dancing and wondered who the genius is behind the makeup design?  Well it’s a lovely lady called Lisa Armstrong and her team of extraordinary talented Makeup Artists – who all really come into their own on the Halloween episodes!

Lisa used to be in a pop band before she trained as a Makeup Artist, and is married to Anthony McPartlin from Ant & Dec.  After completing her training she went onto write columns for Cosmopolitan magazine before becoming the key Makeup Artist for The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, along with giving makeovers and short tutorials for This Morning show.  This all helped to land Lisa possibly one of the most exciting roles as an Artist – head designer for BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing!

I love Lisa’s work ethos and you can tell she really started from the bottom to the top.  And that she studied hard to come up with her create designs x