Airbrush makeup – pros and cons

I’m gonna be super honest now and confess I am not a fan of airbrush makeup.  And it’s not through lack of trying or not being open to non-traditional makeup application methods – I just find personally it doesn’t work for me or my clients.  Don’t get me wrong I loved it when I was training to be a makeup artist and using it with prosthetics!  But does it have a purpose in the beauty industry?  Well I’m gonna talk you through some of the pros and cons of airbrushing x


1. Airbrush makeup is silicone based, which means that it lasts for a long time and is water resistant.

2. Airbrushing allows for an even application of the foundation spray when expertly applied.

3. Airbrushing is a minimal coverage technique – great for those who only want a very light touch of foundation.

4. As airbrush makeup dries super quick you can add layers if required.


1. Now this is the main reason I don’t use airbrushing – it flakes!  Airbrush makeup is fab on perfectly moisturised, hydrated skin with no marks, scars or spots.

2. It’s extremely difficult to re-blend with airbrushing or regular makeup.  So if you do end up with a few tears and the makeup streaks, there’s no way to recover this.

3. Because the foundation used for airbrushing is a different formula to traditional foundation, there is a limited shade selection to choose from.

4. It’s more expensive.  For most makeup artists airbrushing is seen as an add-on and is typically more expensive than regular makeup application.