Above all a makeup artist needs to be discreet….

When I was studying to become a makeup artist our tutor would often say that above all an mua (makeup artist) needs to be a sounding board for their client and to have complete discretion.  She often worked on large movie sets all around the world, so she knew a lot of actors and directors.  And of course, she is completely right.

I still abide by this quote, often not even discussing particular clients with my husband, so he often doesn’t have a clue what I’m up to – he just see’s the photoshoot in a magazine and say’s “Oh that’s where you were!”  I believe that being discreet with your client is as important as the skill of applying makeup, knowing you have that trust and instant friendship goes a long way and allows both sides to be honest with their opinion about how a makeup design needs to look and feel.

I met up with a makeup artist friend a while ago who used to do the makeup for the late, great Sir Terry Wogan – it was only after he had sadly passed away that she told me Sir Terry often suffered from stage fright and it was her role, while applying his makeup, to in a way give him some of her confidence and ‘big up’ his ego to go on stage.  Something quite common with persons in the public eye.  Which just goes to show she completely believed in the art of client confidentially x