A word on acne…

Let’s face it – acne sucks!  It occurs at the most inappropriate times and often in very obvious places!  Woe betide it could just discreetly be behind the ears or hidden under the chin – no it HAS to be on the nose or smack ban in the middle of the forehead!!  Worse still is that brilliant white dot that is just too irresistible for some not to pick to then be left with a bloody spot and permanent scarring.  So to help with any ‘mini devils’ that have appeared close to your important event, here are my top tips for dealing with them…

1. Don’t pick!  I know it’s seriously tempting, especially when you see a white head appear – but don’t give into temptation and get picking.  All you’re doing is breaking the skin, as if you were to cut or graze it, creating an open wound that is also open to infection – and believe me, I see this all the time!  Someone who has picked their spots over and over again is very obvious, as the once small harmless spot becomes a medium sized scab.

2. As soon as you feel or see a spot appearing cover it using a little bit of Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream.  I do this all the time and I have never ‘broken out’ in over three years.  It may seem a little expensive, but you only need a little – I’m still on my first tube, and you can use it for literally everything from cuts to bruises.

3. If you keep getting spots on your cheeks or forehead ask yourself ‘is my hair constantly falling on it?’  Quite often clients complain to me that they keep getting spots all the time in these places, and it’s also often that their hair is the culprit.  Having hair constantly swooshing back and forth over the cheeks or a deep fringe on the forehead can create those naughty spots.

4. Don’t wear makeup!  Of course, as a Makeup Artist I should be saying ‘yes cover, cover, cover!’ but really with acne the best thing is to let the skin breath.  The air is an unbelievable healer so try and be strong and give your skin that break it so desperately needs.

5. Don’t loose heart!  Even celebrities have bad skin – so don’t be fooled by their perfect photoshop skin x