A later in life wedding – makeup ideas…

They reckon that more ‘later in life’ weddings happen now, then in any other generation.  With many factors contributing to the sudden boom in weddings for couples over the 50 years mark.  Whether it is a second marriage, a career resulting in a later in life wedding or simply a renewal of vows – the excitement is every bit as intense as a younger wedding, but perhaps with a little more calm pace and a few more years of wisdom!  I simply love doing the bridal makeup for these brides, as they know what they like and don’t like and certainly tell you, which is great as a Makeup Artist to have that experience and direction.  It’s also lovely when you can show them a new technique or product, as many do stay true to something they’ve used for years – often disappointed it no longer works for their changing skin type or colour.

It also takes a certain amount of skill to use modern techniques, but not so much they over power the elegance of that bride.  I love keeping the eyes soft with browns and a touch of sheen for the brow bone – with more of an intense colour through the lips.  However, I would avoid red and go for more a burgundy colour for lips.  Also don’t be afraid to use false eyelashes, as lashes can disappear with age – just use a very natural set or use individuals to bring out the eyes.  Keep cheeks a healthy colour with peach blusher and avoid over using the foundation, which can sit in lines and pores x