5 trending engagement rings for 2019

2019 is definitely the year that engagement rings have stepped up a gear. Couples are favouring more personal designs that reflect their individual personalities and tastes. Coloured stones and fashion rings are making an appearance, along with stackable and vintage type rings. There is truly a ring for any budget this year. So if you don’t fancy the traditional diamond engagement ring, maybe one of these will spark your interest x

  1. Coloured rings – the popularity of coloured stones debuted with Princess Diana’s blue sapphire ring and experienced a complete resurgence when the ring reappeared on Kate Middleton’s finger after her engagement to Prince William. By opting for sapphires in shades of peach and red, emeralds in brilliant shades of green, and black diamonds. You can branch out from blue hues to create unique pieces with eye-catching pops of colour.
  2. Stackable setting rings – An engagement ring feels like the start to the ultimate ring stack. Now, engagement rings feature stones in various shapes (think: pear, round, oval, rectangle, and even octagon) that are meant to be paired with arched bands on your wedding day. There are even rings complete with interlocking designs. The stack is here to stay, and now it feels much more modern than a simple engagement and wedding ring pairing.
  3. Clustered setting rings – In order to add interest to engagement ring designs, clustered settings have become one of the biggest trends. Sometimes one stone is flanked on either side by additional stones. In other settings, baguette diamonds encircle the main stone. Regardless, the result is stunning!
  4. Split shank ring – The “shank” on a ring is a fancy way of talking about the band, and split shanks are now trending. The gorgeous stone sits in between two bands that look like an amazing stack. Then the wedding band, which is split, is added to encircle the stone. It’s the coolest look!
  5. East west setting ring – If a stone is not round, most often they have a north-south setting, which means the stone points vertically. However, the latest trend is the east-west setting in which the stone is turned horizontally so it crosses over your ring finger. The slight change creates such a cool, modern feel, and we think this trend will become a timeless classic.
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