5 Tips to stay calm on your Wedding Day…

Staying calm on the morning of your wedding can be a bit of a challenge, with co-ordinating so many different suppliers/making sure the bridal party are ready and the groom hasn’t left anything behind like his suit (true story!)  So here are a few tips for coping with the chaos from some of my wedding planning friends…

1.  Take a bubble bath…start the day with a relaxing, comforting and familiar ritual whether it is a bath, Yoga, mediation, jogging or just watching telly – keep your routine you will feel more focused and at ease.

2.  Eat a good breakfast…even if you don’t feel hungry!  Eating calms the butterflies in the tummy, and also helps with stress and makes you focused.  Ever lost it at someone for something silly because you’re hungry?  Don’t loose your cool because of low sugar levels on your wedding day, it’s not pleasant for anyone!

3.  Have an emergency kit…good things to pack are tampons, pads, hairspray, safety pins, stain removal, extra tights, bobby pins, toothbrushes & toothpaste, blow dryer, curling iron, mini sewing kit, water, energy bars, gum, paper bags, q-tips, cotton balls, Advil and makeup remover.

4.  Make a schedule…be organised!  It’s simple – if you have a schedule you will not freak out!!  You’ll know everyones mobile numbers, where everyone is supposed to be and what time everything is happening.  Create a schedule a few days before your wedding and make sure to go over it with all of your wedding vendors and party members.

5.  Leave on time…don’t be too fashionably late!  You’ll want enough time to make your grand entrance and show off that stunning dress.  Leave for the church or wedding venue with plenty of time for yourself and your bridesmaids – also think that you need to have hair, makeup, jewellery, clothes and last minute arrangements to think about, along with wedding photographs taken.