5 Things you might not know about us Wedding Makeup Artists…

1.  We’re used to our photograph being taken all the time!  Whether during a wedding morning prep, editorial photoshoot or for any ‘behind the scenes’ backstage photographs – we’re used to the clicking sound of a Nikon, Canon, Panasonic or Sony.  But most importantly, we know how to pose correctly to give your wedding photographs that natural look.

2.  We see every spot, mark or scar – but not in a bad way, we just want you to look utterly flawless so nothing is hidden from us on the wedding day.  Don’t worry though we would never point this out to anyone, or embarrass you in anyway.

3.  All Makeup Artists’ tend to go a bit quiet whilst working!   It’s just that we’re constantly thinking about the makeup and final look. Sometimes it’s like a constant stream of consciousness as we’re thinking:  How is the makeup applying, would this eyeshadow over or under power the eye colour, is this lip shade the right one to use in this weather, does this highlighter depict enough of the cheekbone…and it goes on believe me!  Chalk it down to the training we all had!!

4.   We much prefer to use makeup chairs whilst working on clients but not for our benefit, but yours.  Sitting in a lowered chair whilst having your hair and makeup done can take it’s toll on the back, and that is something you do not want to have on your wedding day – so we like to use our makeup chairs to give us the correct height to apply your bridal makeup, but to also make sure your completely comfortable.

5.  Our makeup kits are so clean you could eat out of them!  We’re constantly cleaning, maintaining and re-stocking our kits to perfection, all to make sure we are ready for any event.  I once had to rush to a Groom’s side when he accidentally fell over and cut his chin open before the ceremony!   Luckily I had disinfectant, plasters and foundation on hand to disguise it and the wedding photographs were saved as well!