5 things to do before your makeup artist/wedding suppliers arrive on your wedding day…

Hindsight is a beautiful thing.  I have so many bridal clients saying they wished they’d ‘thought to do, or be prepared for’ on the morning of their wedding.  So I thought I would share a few key pointers that seem to work for my clients and just seem to make the morning run a lot smoother x

1. Even though you’re running a little nervous & excited it is really important to have a little bit of breakfast – even if it is just some plain toast.

2. Have a quick shower (avoiding washing your hair wish should have been done the day before)

3. Brush teeth, comb hair, cleanse and moisturise as usual.

4. Change into your bridal pjs, kimono or bridal robes – just make sure your top half can easily be taken over your head without touching your head or hair.

5.  Try and tidy your suite/preparation room before your suppliers arrive to make it easy for them to find a good space for makeup, and electric points for hair.  This will also allow the photographer to take nice photographs without navigating through a messy room!