5 products to add to your ‘everyday’ skin routine…

A lot of brides ask me what to use for their skin routine, if I have a preferred product or even what I tend to do for my ‘everyday’ routine.  What’s important to note in a skin routine is that it has to be tailored to your skin type and work around you – not you working around the skin routine which can make it a chore and be easily given up on.  Also, while it’s a routine don’t feel bad if you don’t do it for a couple of days, which is actually good for the skin as well.  I’ve put together a list of products that I either use in my own ‘everyday’ routine, or use with my brides x

1.  Clinique Clarifying Cleanser – Lotion 3 in combination to oily

I use this every other day, or after I have taken my makeup off to really make sure all my pores are cleared before I hit the hay.  The Clinique 3-Step routine comes in 4 different skin types ranging from very dry – very oily, so there is always a product out there for you.  I also love the freshness of the cleanser, which doesn’t make my skin have that awful tightness that sometimes comes with a cleanser.

2.  No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Makeup Remover

I love to use this to quickly take my eye and lip makeup off in one.  It’s so gentle that even if you got some in your eye it doesn’t hurt, and easily wipes off with cold water.  It also leaves these sensitive areas moisturised.

3.  Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel in 3,4

This is such a lightweight moisturiser that whenever I swap it to try something different I can really feel the difference in how heavy my skin then feels, that I have to then swap back!  Again, it’s so gentle and really helps to moisturize my skin without it feeling greasy and easily absorbs into the skin.  It also gives my skin a bit of a dewy glow that I really love in winter.

4.  Dr Brandt Pores No More

I’m never without this product, either for myself or my brides.  I use it as a bit of a primer and mini-foundation, as it has a slight tint that it can be worn alone.  It also really works to close some of my pores, especially on my cheeks – which is also a huge bonus for my brides who want to have that complete flawless finish.

5.  Biore Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Nose Strips

I like to use a nose strip every other week, to really get rid of all those blocked pores that can build up through the application of makeup.  It leaves the skin around and on my nose really smooth and clear.  I often recommend this product to brides to use the night before their wedding day, so that it gives the skin a chance to calm down and also allows makeup to be applied easily.