2 products that will rescue dry skin…

I am currently conducting a lot of bridal makeup trials in preparation for Spring & Summer weddings so of course, given the time of year I am seeing a quite a bit of dry skin, parched skin – which is not at all helped by the weather.  Constantly going from warm to cold places can cause havoc for the skin.  The cold wind can make skin feel dry and itchy, whilst the warmth of a house or office can leave the skin feeling tight, flushed and oily – so it is a hell of a battle!  The 2 products I always have in my arsenal are Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream and MAC Complete Comfort Creme.

I find the combination of these 2 winter wonder products really help to pack in the moisture and create an invisible barrier that allows the skin to stay hydrated in the coldest of mornings.  I use the 8 hour cream maybe once or twice a week (depending on how thirsty my skin is) as a nighttime intensive treatment – applying the balm all over my face a couple of hours before bed and then leaving it on overnight.  My husband thinks it’s hilarious as it is so slimy, but he can’t argue with the results!  I then use my MAC complete comfort creme everyday before applying any makeup, or just by itself.  It’s not anti-ageing cream it is just purely for packing in the moisture – which at this time of year is all you really need to make skin appear healthy and revitalised.

So take good care of your skin during the cold weather and feel free to try this winning combination x